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      Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

      We at Stonaa provide ultimate solutions for bathroom & kitchen renovations in Melbourne . From custom design kitchen to installation, you can rely on our experienced team to deliver the kitchen you wished for. Give your kitchen a makeover for a lifetime with kitchen renovation services from us !

      Rely on Kitchen Renovation Experts

      The cost of Kitchen renovations in Melbourne can burn a hole in your pocket, but we will provide you with your dream kitchen within your budgets! We have years of experiences and a team of experts that can turn your old kitchen space into a next-gen high tech cooking area for you and your loved ones.

      The Process for your Dream Kitchen Makeover in Melbourne


      Our professional designers will listen to your ideas and create a layout of your kitchen. We will even help you explore different layouts and materials options, ensuring that you don’t have to regret later.


      For your dream kitchen makeover, we will remove all of your existing kitchen cabinets. Free up all the space and disconnect all your appliances to build a high-tech and beautiful kitchen just the way you wanted !


      Our expert craftsmen and draftsmen will precisely measure everything from top to bottom and start building your kitchen with the materials you had selected. We will do all the coordination for you, removing your stress.


      At this stage of kitchen remodelling, you could literally feel your new space coming together. Our team will install your cabinets and everything on the same date depending on your order time and types of material you have chosen to use for your kitchen renovation.

      Finishing Touches

      The last step of your kitchen remodelling in Melbourne includes laying of your floor, installation of your splashback and paint on the walls. When everything gets completed, you just need to sit back and enjoy your new kitchen in its glory !


      Kitchen and Bathroom that’s True to your Style

      Renovate your kitchen and bathroom that matches with your interiors.

      Considering Different Types Of Cabinets For Your Kitchen Remodeling


      Most commonly used by the kitchen renovations in Melbourne. Consist of 5 pieces of the flat panel creating a frame with 4 pieces and flat centre with one. Popular because of simple and classic look and is also saves your kitchen renovation costs in Melbourne.


      Comes with horizontal wooden slats, it adds unique styling to your kitchen cabinetry. It is great for spaces that require ventilation as it has spaces between each slat.


      This type is simple yet stylish cabinets that can make your kitchen stunningly beautiful. Offers hard lines and minimalist form makes it a great fit for both contemporary and modern kitchens.


      This type of cabinets are made up on an inset door set inside the frame instead of outside the frame like other cabinet doors.


      Distressed looking cabinets can come in any door style with corners rubbed off and other distressing techniques are done to create an old feel.


      Made with rows of vertical planks with ridges called ‘beads’ between every blank. It offers a more dynamic look than other styles. Beads give cabinet doors a texture and make it a perfect choice for farmhouse or cottage style kitchen.


      Moulded out of MDF, it gives style doors a type of plastic coating and is baked under intense heat to be sealed. Much durable and cost-effective kind of kitchen cabinetry.

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      Want your Kitchen Renovations within your budget ?