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    A fireplace hearth is an essential part of your fireplace. The hearth is both a safety feature and a decorative feature. Stonaa is a one stop stone shop in Melbourne and can help you find and create the perfect fireplace hearth to provide comfort, warmth, and an eye-catching display. Fireplaces Don’t Need To Be Boring
    Apart from the household kitchen, it’s your bathroom area that will often see a high amount of foot traffic and activity. These are just the more functional spaces of any home that will likely see guests and residents attending to very frequent and human needs, like meal preparation or personal hygiene. It makes absolute sense
    Remodelling your kitchen is often a process that can take several steps. No-one is rushing you to get your dream kitchen made all within a single project. If you’re anticipating warm summers at home with your loved ones, now could be the best time for you to consider what can be done to spruce up
    The Evolution of Kitchen Benchtop Materials - Trends & Innovations
    If the timeless beauty of marble does not already impress you, you might want to consider the fact that this is a material that’s adorned some of the most beautiful homes and palaces known to human history. Marble is a beautiful stone that does more than just present a unique aesthetic appeal. Its beauty is
    If you’ve been shopping around for a new kitchen benchtop, you might have come across the name Caesarstone, and recognise them as a leading provider of engineered stone benchtops. At Stonaa, we handle plenty of requests for engineered kitchen benchtops, and can supply your next kitchen remodelling with a Caesarstone benchtop that would suit perfectly
    Material selection is easily a part of any remodelling project that plenty of homeowners and interior designers look forward to the most. This is a task that can get especially interesting, when it comes to choosing from a wide range of material options, with some like marble, which feature intricate and highly attractive patterns. Needless
    Trust us when we tell you that there’s no such thing as a customer who doesn’t get excited about having a new stone benchtop installed in their kitchen. Whether it’s for an investment property or for a home remodelling, all our clients look forward to having a new engineered stone benchtop fitted. And our team
    glass splashback benefits
    Gone are the days when the kitchen was just a place to cook food. With evolving times, this place has turned out to be one of the most vital centres of a house. Now, what can be the best way to revitalise and uplift the mundane look of this space without being out of link

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