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    Splashback Ideas for kitchen makeover
    Whether the beautiful veining of marble or a bold color choice of granite stone splashbacks make a statement in your kitchen. Stonaa stocks an extensive range of stone splashback designs so you can find the perfect one for your aesthetic. A splashback is a protection on the parts of the wall where water, moisture, liquids,
    Engineered Stone Benchtops
    When it’s time for kitchen renovations, many homeowners turn to engineered stone, marble, or granite benchtops to give their kitchens a unique and luxurious look. If you are considering this kind of installation for your upcoming kitchen renovation, then this article is here to explore the characteristics and advantages of each material in order to
    Barbeque Area Stone
    Nothing beats a barbeque for outdoor entertainment. Whether you’re cooking for a party or just enjoying a leisurely meal with family and friends, there’s something about grilling that makes food taste better. If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your barbeque area, why not consider using stone? There are endless ways to
    Every business needs a modern, elegant, and welcoming first impression that makes people feel at home. By using stones in the desk structure, you can transform awkward-looking receptions. Adjust your reception area to convey an abundance of comfort and create a great impression on prospective clients. Here’s four fascinating and affordable ways to utilise the
    Stona has experts to help you find the best uses for stone for your home renovation in Melbourne, be it in the form of kitchen benchtops, tabletops, or staircases. So, let’s bring the spark into your home with natural stone as they are timeless and made to perfectly fit your design aesthetic. Natural Stone For
    Trendy Bathtub Styles For Your Bathroom Renovation
    Are you preparing for a bathroom renovation in Melbourne? Times are changing, and so are people’s tastes. We will help you explore some of the most popular bathtub styles for modern bathroom setups. Let’s look at some trendy bathtub designs and consider the best that matches your bathroom design. Free-Standing Stone Bathtubs One trend in
    Dining Area Decor
    The dining area is where meals and memories shape. Everyone likes to eat and spend time with their family in a stylish dining room. So, thinking of a little makeover to spice up the dining area is understandable. Are you sceptical about how your dining room renovation can turn out? Worry not! Stonaa can offer
    Mirror Splashback white kitchen wall and island
    There’s many decisions to make when renovating your kitchen in Melbourne. Countertops, flooring, appliances, etc. But one aspect that is commonly overlooked is the Splashback. A splashback not only protects your walls, but can make or break your kitchen’s design. One option you can consider is a mirror splashback. Let’s look at 5 reasons why
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    If you’ve been shopping around for a new kitchen benchtop, you might have come across the name Caesarstone, and recognise them as a leading provider of engineered stone benchtops. At Stonaa, we handle plenty of requests for engineered kitchen benchtops, and can supply your next kitchen remodelling with a Caesarstone benchtop that would suit perfectly
    Material selection is easily a part of any remodelling project that plenty of homeowners and interior designers look forward to the most. This is a task that can get especially interesting, when it comes to choosing from a wide range of material options, with some like marble, which feature intricate and highly attractive patterns. Needless
    Trust us when we tell you that there’s no such thing as a customer who doesn’t get excited about having a new stone benchtop installed in their kitchen. Whether it’s for an investment property or for a home remodelling, all our clients look forward to having a new engineered stone benchtop fitted. And our team
    glass splashback benefits
    Gone are the days when the kitchen was just a place to cook food. With evolving times, this place has turned out to be one of the most vital centres of a house. Now, what can be the best way to revitalise and uplift the mundane look of this space without being out of link
    Make an Impression with a Marble Kitchen Bench Top
    There is no denying the timeless look of marble, especially on a kitchen bench top. Which is why it has long been a favourite of homeowners when they decide to renovate their kitchen. Available in different colours and textures, a marble bench top not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen but will
    The Evolution of Kitchen Benchtop Materials - Trends & Innovations
    Kitchen renovation in Melbourne is taken seriously. Whether you’re living in the CBD or further out like Dandenong, there’s always plenty of renovation specialists and suppliers to choose from. If you’re stuck floating from one showroom to another and unable to decide on which materials to include in your kitchen’s interior design, you should consider
    10 Gorgeous Kitchen Island Benchtop Designs
    Are you in the middle of renovating your kitchen’s benchtops? Living in the stylish city of Melbourne means you’re always spoilt for choice for quality materials. Unlike timber or PVC benchtops, stone materials give your cooking space a more sophisticated look. If you’re on the hunt for stone kitchen benchtops Melbourne wide, consider the following